Frequently Asked Questions

Are the face paints safe to use on children?


Yes, TAG, Diamond FX, Mehron, Global and Fusion are professional face and body paints (not available on the high street), are hypoallergenic and non toxic so perfect for all faces, young and old.  If your child is particularly sensitive or has eczema, a patch test or a painted design on the arm instead is recommended.


Are they easy to remove?


Yes, the paint can be best removed with lots of warm soapy and water, or with a basic moisturiser or cleanser. Baby wipes aren't the best way to remove face paints as they tend to smear the paint all over the face first and can cause irritation.


Do you have a minimum age you can work with?


I cannot paint children under 3 as they do not tolerate it well and their skin is more sensitive. Our professional Public Liability Insurance does not cover the painting of under 3's.


Do you need to know anything before the party/event?


Yes, knowing things like the ages of the children and whether it's just boys, girls or mixed is useful. Numbers are also crucial. If you don't know exact numbers, a good estimate is needed to ensure I have time to paint all their faces. If you have booked me for two hours but you have 35 children attending your party, I cannot guarantee I will be able to paint all the children within a standard booking. Speed painting is an option I can discuss with you for numbers between 30 and 50 within a 2-hour window.

I can be hired for as many hours as you need. I will of course need to know the party venue - including postcode. If I am being hired for a corporate event, I can provide proof of insurance, a risk assessment and invoices/receipts where required.


Do you do any other types of face or body painting?


Yes, I can face paint as part of a Hen Night experience and I am also hired regularly for weddings and Christenings. Regardless of the event, if clients prefer a painting on their arm, hand, leg or should/back, for example, this is fine. Bump painting is another option and a great feature for a Baby Shower. If you are pregnant in your third trimester and would like your bump painted, this can be a lovely, relaxing experience and is a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy. Bump painting (per bump) takes approx 30 - 60 minutes depending on complexity and can be booked as a private 1:1 in the home or as a small group booking.


Do you need anything when you arrive?


I have my own table and face painting chair. They are portable and very easy to set up in the home, other premises or out doors. I will also need access to water. If this is a problem, let me know prior to the event and I will bring my own. If you are extending your party into the garden area and can't provide me with cover from the elements, I have my own shower proof gazebo which is 2m x 2m for an additional £20 fee. Please let me know before the party whether this is required.


How do I make a booking?


If you have a date in mind, go to my Bookings/Contact page and choose your preferred method to contact me. This can a call, text, WhatsApp (07722069855), email or a message via the Contact Us form. You can also contact me through my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/thefacepaintingqueen or via Instagram - www.instagram.com/thefacepaintingqueen


Do you require any payment upfront?


For private parties and events, I require a booking retainer the time of booking, which secures your chosen date and time. This is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation, but will serve as part payment for your party. If I had to cancel the booking (which to date, I have never had to do), you would receive your retainer back. The booking retainer is usually a third of the full cost of the party package you choose. If your package is £120.00, the booking retainer would be £40.00, leaving the remaining £80.00 payable on the day, on arrival.


You can pay your retainer via bank transfer or paypal. Banking/payment details will be given during the booking process. The remaining balance can be paid again by bank transfer or cash. Late payment will incur a late payment charge of an additional 5% of the outstanding balance for each additional day the payment is late. For example, if you are 4 days late in paying the remaining £50, the new balance due will be £50 + £10 = £60.


Do you do events for free, but charge the public per face (piece work)?


As a general rule, this is not the sort of work I undertake, although frequently requested for local fetes, fairs and fund raising events. Face painting is fun, but it is also a business and a skill. My equipment is expensive and needs frequently replenishing and I also incur the costs of having full public liabilty insurance. It goes without saying, my time and talent is worthy of renumeration as well as the travel time and time to set up and clear up. I expect to be hired and paid in the same way as a Plumber or Mechanic would be. I am happy to be hired and be paid my corporate event rate but also charge the public per face and anything I make is given back to cover part or all my fee. I do not work for "exposure".....too much exposure kills!

"Just want to say thank you for the most amazing baby bump painting! It was beyond my expectations! So detailed and pretty! I loved it thank you! ❤" - Paige


"Most definitely the face painting Queen! The most amazing designs at my friend's party today... Inc a sneaky one for me! Thank you" - Amy


"Gorgeous face painting 🎨 😀" - Sharon


"Thanks sooo much for today. Face painting was amazing  xx" - Jane


"Thank you so very much for your hard work for my daughters 2nd birthday party. Everyone has commented on how good you were, I will certainly be recommending you. Thank you." - Aryan


"Thank you for today. The kids loved it!! You we're great!" - Kate


"I can't thank you enough for today. The children absolutely loved it and I can't get over how good you are - they were all like mini pieces of art and so fast too. I don't know how you do it!! See you at our next party and thank you again xx" - Rachael


"The best face painting we have ever seen - amazing!" - Rich


"We loved having you for Joshua's party again this year - everyone was blown away with your work and how good you are with the children." - Mary


"Highly recommend! Incredible detail and skill, stunning designs. Excellent service from inital enquiry and booking to the party itself. Very happy children (and parents!). Thank you so much!" -


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